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NGH Hypnosis Certification

Dates: Nov. 2 & 3, Nov. 9 & 10, Nov. 16 & 17, Nov. 23 & 24 (Four consecutive weekends)

Time: 8:30am-7pm

Location: Northbrook, IL (Address provided upon registration)


Become an NGH Certified Hypnotist & Certified NLP Practitioner for the price of one!


What is hypnosis?  What is NLP?  How will this class benefit you? 


Hypnosis is a relaxed ad focused state of mind in which the subconscious is receptive to receive helpful and beneficial suggestions in order to address specific issues by the hypnotist.  The relaxed and focused state of mind is a natural and daily occurrence for most people.  


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is how we use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our  specific and desired outcomes.


This intensive class contains lectures, examples, on hands practices and feedback designed for you immediately use  hypnosis  and NLP safely, rapidly, effectively, naturally and efficiently to make the desired changes instantly not only the lives of your clients, but also yourself!


You will soon realize that this is the most powerful, effective, practical and useful training that you may ever experience.  This class incorporates the secrets of how  NLP and hypnosis actually work.  As you practice the techniques, you will notice how easy and effortlessly changes occur. 


Learn the skills for success and release the unlimited possibilities of the mind and become the facilitator to turn dreams into reality.


In this class, you will develop and learn the basic skills for your success journey: 

  • Increase your learning ability

  • Present yourself professionally in difficult situations

  • Turn obstacles into opportunities

  • Improve communications

  • Make positive changes quickly and easily

Why you should take this class now:

  • Reduce/eliminate difficulties in professional and personal life by changing thought and related behavior patterns.

  • Become more positive and optmistic

  • Increase focus, attention, concentration, and awareness

  • Instantly build rapport in personal and professional situations

  • Develop and perfect the ability to change unwanted emotional/mental states at will

Attain the immediate results you can depend on by taking this class with me:  

  • Be more effective in your professional and personal relationships

  • Develop and improve your skills to help your clients achieve their dreams

  • Improve your emotional/mental mood with the learned techniques

  • Increase your understaind of yourself and your clients

  • Change your way of thinking and action to ensure success​

  • And much a fun and supportive environment

For more information, please contact me. To register for the course, click here or click the Register & Pay button above.

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